Help Keep Your Company's Computers From Being Vulnerable to a Data Breach

Three tips from SecureGuard to keep your printers safe

While many companies focus on their network and data security, many ignore the safety risks of their printers. According to a recent study of IT professionals, only 16 percent of respondents think that printers are at high risk for a security threat. Printer security even has hackers weighing in on the issue. In 2017, a hacker, identified as Stackoverflowin, hacked 150,000 insecure printers citing the reason as only, “To raise everyone’s awareness of the dangers of leaving printers exposed online without a firewall or other security settings enabled.”

Guard your printers and protect your documents

1. Secure your infrastructure. Make sure your passwords are changed and up-to-date, install the latest firmware and only send print jobs on a secured network.

2. Utilize your printer’s built-in security features. Implement sign-in features and require employees to enter a PIN or use a smartcard to print.

3. Protect your documents after printing. Invest in industry-specific security paper with layer-on-layer security features placed into the base paper stock like SecureGuard’s document security papers to protect against unauthorized duplication.

The bottom-line is data breaches break trust

A recent report states that consumers are acutely aware of data breaches and only 30 percent believe that companies are taking their personal data protection very seriously. And a whopping, 66 percent would be unlikely to do business with organizations responsible for exposing financial and sensitive information

“Oftentimes your humble printer, and even your printer paper, can be overlooked as the IT department focuses on networks, cloud services and mobile devices,” said Aaron Singer, president of Micro Format, Inc. the manufacturer of SecureGuard security papers. “At the end of the day, a data breach is a data breach and it can put your company, your data and your reputation at risk.”

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