How to Comply with the Ever-Changing Regulations to Florida's Prescriptions

Protect you practice and your patients from prescription fraud

Over the years, from 2009 through 2018, Florida has implemented regulations to prevent prescription fraud. These laws outline how to prescribe controlled substances to protect your practice as well as your patients from prescription fraud.

Since 2011, the state has mandated through Chapter 893, Florida Statutes. Section 456.42(2), that all licensed healthcare practitioners who prescribe controlled substances must use counterfeit-proof prescription pads and papers printed by a printer approved by the Florida Department of Health.

Compliancy with the law begins with your prescription pads and papers

Layer-on-layer security features ensure that your pads and papers are compliant with Florida requirements. These features include:

  • Be counterfeit-proof and tamper-resistant.
  • Ordered from a printer approved and licensed by the Florida Department of Health.
  • Feature a unique production batch number on the front of every prescription.
  • Include two checkboxes to indicate “acute pain exception” or “nonacute pain” on the prescription.
  • Be designed for use when prescribing only one medication.
  • Feature this disclaimer at the bottom “Prescription is void if more than one prescription is written per blank.

Importance of layer-on-layer security features for prescription pads and papers

SecureGuard prescription pads and papers meet or exceed all Florida state and Medicaid requirements. Our six-point security features include:

  1. Hidden message technology – photocopy or scan to uncover hidden words such as “unauthorized”, “void” or “copy”.
  2. Premium erasure protection security colored ink – protect document from information being erased via the background ink along with printed information disappearing to indicate document alterations.
  3. Acid-free bond — prevents any paper color deterioration.
  4. Watermarked paper – hold the paper up to light and view the watermark to verify an original document.
  5. Instant valid coin activated security on back of all laser prescriptions – rub the paper with a coin and the word “valid” will appear.
  6. Security feature warning box on the back – deter unauthorized copies by describing the security features of the document.

Your job is to look after your patients. Our job to ensure that your prescription forms are tamper-resistant. Micro Format, Inc. the manufacturer of SecureGuard prescription papers, is a licensed Florida state prescription printer approved by the Florida Department of Health and the Florida State Medicaid Board. For more information, please contact one of our Document Security Experts at [email protected] or toll-free at 1-800-333-0549.