Paper Coupons in the Digital Age and Where Do They Fit In

Did you know that a majority of U.S. consumers still use paper coupons? How can you make sure yours are secure?

Welcome to the age of digital everything. Right now, you’re likely reading this article on your laptop, cell phone or even a small tablet that fits on your lap. Convenient, right? If there’s one word to sum up what the digital age is all about, that’s it – Convenience. But in a highly digital world full of technologies that are all about making life easier, where does that leave paper coupons?

Paper coupons still reign king

The results are in and paper coupons are still winning the popular vote. Omnichannel marketing platform Valassis recently released results from their survey “2K19 Coupon Intelligence Report”. The results showed that out of 1,000 U.S. consumers, 92% of respondents use coupons and nearly half (45%) use coupons always or very often. And couponing doesn’t appear to be going anywhere with the new generation. The study showed that 30% of millennials say they always use coupons when shopping, with 92% using print coupons versus 88% using coupons received on a mobile device or downloaded to a loyalty card.

Overall, 91% of survey respondents indicated that they use paper coupons and only 75% use paperless coupons. When asked why they still use coupons, 89% responded that it saves them a lot of money while 86% percent of consumers said that coupons influence them to try new products!

don’t let your company’s reputation pay the price for coupon fraud

It’s no surprise that in this high-tech world, scammers are getting smarter when it comes to producing fake coupons. You know better than anyone that every year, fraudulent coupons cost American businesses millions of dollars. When scammers with fraudulent coupons are successful, your company takes a loss and the retailers that carry your brands are impacted as well. You never want $5,000 worth of issued coupons to turn into $10,000 in redeemed coupons!

Keep your paper coupons secure

That’s where we step in. At SecureGuard, we think of ourselves as the Security Experts at your side to help you protect your company. All SecureGuard Coupon Papers are made to comply with the Coupon Information Corporation’s (CIC’s) best practices and guidelines. We balance the appeal of a well-designed coupon with the power of the industry’s most stringent security features to give you a document that fights copying and tampering and protects your consumers.

SecureGuard Coupon Papers provide layer-upon-layer security with the following features:

  1. CIC Hologram – When the coupon is held up to light, a unique hologram image appears for easy authentication.
  2. Hidden Message Technology™ – When a coupon is photocopied or scanned, hidden words are uncovered such as “unauthorized”,” void” or “copy”.
  3. Luminary Technology™ Disruptive Security – Disrupt and prevent high-resolution color copiers from accurately duplicating a document.
  4. Premium Erasure Protection™ Security Colored Ink – To protect content on the coupon, if the information is erased, the background ink along with printed information will disappear.
  5. UV Invisible Fiber Security – When assessing a coupon, one can shine a black light on the document to activate the word “VALID”.
  6. Instant Valid Coin Activated Security – When the coupon is rubbed with a coin, the word “valid” will appear.

When document security matters to your company, contact one of our Document Security Experts. For more information about MicroFormat Inc., the manufacturer of SecureGuard security papers, reach out at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-800-333-0549.