Why is the Security of a College Transcript Important to Your School's Image?

A college transcript reflects your University's brand and image

To a graduate, a college transcript may just be a piece of paper, but you know it’s much more than that. In the next phase of a new graduate’s life, a college transcript is one of the most helpful documents they’ll have. Whether they’re continuing their education at graduate school or starting the job hunt, you understand how critical that piece of paper is. You also know that it reflects on your college or university brand and image. That’s why our top priority is making your transcript paper professional and secure.

Why Does Security Matter for a College Transcript?

With technology advancing more each day, fraudulent college transcripts are a real concern for many colleges and universities. You can easily find more websites than you can count on two hands when you type “fake transcript” into Google. With advanced printing capabilities, college transcripts from real colleges and universities can be replicated to look like an official transcript. A fraudulent college transcript has many risks associated with it, but reputational damage caused to the college or university is at the forefront of these concerns. Honest students count on their colleges and universities to protect them from those who try and gain advantages without putting in the hard work.  Taking the steps to ensure students and your college or university are protected from fraudulent college transcripts shows employers and future students that you take this risk seriously and will do all in your power to prevent it.

How Can Academic Institutions Prevent Fraudulent College Transcripts?

The most secure way to prevent fraudulent college transcripts is to print all your official transcripts on paper containing security features that provide a high level of document protection. SecureGuard Security Transcript Papers make it nearly impossible to accurately copy or alter an official document. Our transcript papers are made exclusively for universities, colleges and other professional degree grantors and programs. Here’s how each one of our six security features work to provide layer upon layer of security:

  1. Hidden Message Technology ™- When an official transcript is photocopied or scanned, hidden words are uncovered such as “unauthorized”,”void” or “copy”.
  2. Secure Edge Protection – To confirm a transcript is an original, corners on the back of the sheet change from color to clear when rubbed or warmed.
  3. UV Invisible Fiber Security – When assessing a transcript, one can shine a black light on the document to activate invisible fluorescent fibers and threads.
  4. Premium Erasure Protection™ – To protect content on the transcript, if information is erased, the background ink along with the printed information will disappear and a white mark will remain.
  5. Chemical Test Security Chemical Stain Protection – One of the most prevalent ways to tamper with documents is by using chemicals. SecureGuard Security Transcript Papers hamper document tampering by providing visible evidence of alterations from high and low polarity solvents, oxidants, acids, and alkali.
  6. Secure Mark Watermarked Paper – One of the easiest ways to confirm an authentic transcript is to hold the paper up to the light and view watermark to verify an original document.

Customize Your SecureGuard Security Transcript Paper

SecureGuard also provides custom artificial security features using your university, college or school logo and name. These features provide an additional layer of security on the front and back of your official transcript document, all while keeping your brand front and center.

  • Secure Artificial Watermark™ – When held at an angle towards the light, your logo image appears as a watermark.
  • Secure Shadowmark™ – Your logo image appears as a shaded image.
  • Secure Reversemark™ – Your logo image appears as a white image (reverse image of the background color).
  • Secure Artificial Watermark with UV BLOCK Security – Your logo image will appear when viewed under a blacklight.
  • Customize MICROMARK™ – Your logo image will change color when rubbed or warmed.

When document security matters to your university, college or school, contact one of our Document Security Experts. For more information about MicroFormat Inc., the manufacturer of SecureGuard security papers, reach out at [email protected],call us toll-free at 1-800-333-0549 or visit our website here.