Answers to Your Coupon Paper Questions

Are SecureGuard products by Micro Format made in the USA?

Yes! Micro Format is proud to say that our SecureGuard products are manufactured in the USA.

Does SecureGuard Coupon Paper meet the Coupon Information Center (CIC) Best Practices guidelines?

Yes. SecureGuard products meet and exceed the CIC Best Practices guidelines that have been adopted by over 35 of the largest consumer package good manufacturers.

Can anyone buy coupons from SecureGuard?

Absolutely not. Every order placed on this website is reviewed by our security team and only authorized agents may purchase coupons.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for SecureGuard Coupon Paper?

No, you can purchase as much or as little paper as you need to fill the order on hand.

Will my coupon have scanning issues if it has security features?

No, the security features of SecureGuard coupon paper do not interfere with any scanning of coupons. We have printed millions of coupons on our secure paper without any scanning issues.