Answers to Your Questions About Manual Paper

Are SecureGuard products by Micro Format made in the USA?

Yes! Micro Format is proud to say that our SecureGuard products are manufactured in the USA.

What is Hidden Message Technology™?

When photocopied or scanned, some documents produce a standard or customized word such as “unauthorized, “void” or “copy.”

Why do some photo copiers show the “void” message and others do not?

The reason Hidden Message Technology™ works on some copiers and not others is because there is a variety of patented processes for printing this technology. The words are hidden in the background. If you look at the background with a magnifying glass, you will see the hidden words. When the light from the copier hits the background, the change in the background around the hidden words causes the words to appear. As copier technology has improved, some copiers look past the changes in the background. For example, you can take a digital photo of the sheet and you will now have a copy without any of the hidden words showing. This is similar to the way a digital copier works. It is the nature of the technology. This is the reason you need to have layer-upon-layer security to truly protect a document.

What are some of the security features available to prevent accurate document duplication?

There are two types of security features – “overt” and “covert”. For detailed information on both types of features, visit our Security Features web page.