Transcript Paper Security Features

Our unique layer-upon-layer security features

Hidden Message Technology™

Photocopy or scan to uncover hidden words such as “unauthorized,” “void” or “copy”. Words can be customized.

Premium Erasure Protection™ Security Colored Ink

Protect document from information being erased via the background ink along with printed information disappearing to indicate document alterations.

Secure Edge Protection

Corners on the back of the sheet change from color to clear when rubbed or warmed

UV Invisible Fiber Security

Shine a black light on the document to activate invisible fluorescent fibers and threads.

Chemical Test Security Chemical Stain Protection

Hamper document tampering by providing visible evidence of alterations from high and low polarity solvents, oxidants, acids and alkali.

Secure Mark Watermarked Paper

Hold the paper up to light and view watermark to verify an original document.